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7d CAT D8 (Jebel Ali )
Year: 2023
Hours: 4.309 h
390.571 EUR

7d Liebherr PR736 LGP
Year: 2017
Hours: 5.320 h
119.000 EUR

CAT D9 GC (Jebel-Ali)
Year: 2022
Hours: 3.203 h
642.375 EUR

Year: 2014
Hours: 7.813 h
105.000 EUR

CAT D6R XL (Abu Dhabi)
Year: 2013
Hours: 10.986 h
70.762 EUR

CAT D 6 T LGP (Abu Dhabi)
Year: 2008
Hours: 22.318 h
68.924 EUR

SEM 822D LGP (Abu Dhabi -unused 2 pieces available )
Year: 2024
Hours: 4 h
197.583 EUR

Komatsu D61 PXI-24 (New Undercarriage)
Year: 2017
Hours: 9.632 h
89.000 EUR

Komatsu D275A-5R (Saudi-Arabia)
Year: 2023
Hours: 5.186 h
440.197 EUR

Liebherr PR736 XL
Year: 2019
Hours: 2.388 h
202.000 EUR

CAT D6R2 (Saudi Arabia)
Year: 2017
Hours: 6.129 h
181.041 EUR

CAT D6R LGP (Abu Dhabi)
Year: 2014
Hours: 15.708 h
87.304 EUR


The term 'bulldozer' is often used for all kinds of earthmoving machines. However, the bulldozer is in fact nothing more than a tractor on caterpillar tracks that moves soil with the aid of a wide bucket or large blade at the front. The bulldozer is therefore also called a 'ground shovel'. The bulldozer almost always works together with other construction machinery. A dumper is necessary for dumping the soil, which the bulldozer can then move and spread

Bulldozers specifications


Bulldozers are available from 7 to 40 tonnes, depending on the type of work they are used for. A lot of thrust is needed to push soil material forward. Therefore, a bulldozer has a powerful engine. This enables the machine to move large quantities of sand or other material across the ground surface. The powerful engine also helps the vehicle to drive over difficult surfaces.


The tracks give the bulldozer extra stability in swampy, soft or uneven terrains. They ensure that the weight of the bulldozer is distributed over a large surface, so that the vehicle sinks less quickly and has more grip on the ground. The wider the tracks are, the more stable the bulldozer is. A bulldozer with a large weight capacity therefore needs wide tracks.


A variant of the classic bulldozer is the shovel. A shovel is often a lot smaller than a bulldozer and runs on pneumatic tyres. It has a movable blade, with which material can also be lifted. Shovels are therefore suitable for small projects, for which the machine can carry out multiple tasks.

Work of bulldozers

The moving and even distribution of sand or soil is often necessary in infrastructure projects, such as road building, canal digging or dike raising. The blade of a bulldozer simultaneously levels the subsoil while pushing the material forward.Bulldozers are therefore extremely suitable for levelling large building sites.You also see them at work preparing asphalt roads or in large construction projects such as ports and airports.Bulldozers are also effective for sweeping away surfaces such as roads.Bulldozers are also useful for demolition work.

Advantages and disadvantages of bulldozers


  • Extremely stable on irregular or boggy surfaces
  • allows large quantities of soil, sand or other material to be distributed evenly in a very efficient way
  • suitable for levelling the subsoil


  • difficult to move on public roads
  • Dependence on a dumper or other machines for delivering material

Bulldozers from Aertssen Trading

Do you need a reliable and high-quality bulldozer for your construction project? Aertssen Trading offers different bulldozers for sale. These bulldozers are all from well-known and well-respected brands, such as Liebherr, Caterpillar and Komatsu. Through years of experience in the field of construction machinery, Aertssen Trading can support and advise you in the right way when purchasing a bulldozer or other earthmoving machine.


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