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A grader is a relatively large vehicle with an elongated blade between the front and rear wheels. Graders are an extension of the bulldozer. Whereas bulldozers move, spread and distribute large quantities of soilover a building site, graders take care of the last bit of levelling.This makes them especially suitable for the last precision work, not for large earthmoving operations.

Specifications graders

Almost all graders have three axles: Two of these axles are on the rear part of the vehicle. The engine and cabin rest on top of these. The third axle is at the front of the vehicle. Between the axles is the elongated blade that is used to level the ground. This blade can be adjusted vertically by means of hydraulic cylinders. The height of the blade depends on the necessary working height.

The bigger the grader and the blade, the more thrust the machine needs. Graders are available with power ratings from 125 to 500 hp.

Work graders

Graders are essential for preparing the subgrade of all kinds of construction projects. These include projects that require a smooth surface, such as roads and paths, railways, airports and golf courses. The grader is therefore also called a 'leveling machine' or 'road grader'

In the Netherlands, it is not often necessary, but graders also function effectively as snow ploughs!

Advantages and disadvantages of graders


  • highly efficient for evenly distributing large quantities of soil, sand or other material
  • ensures optimal levelling of construction sites, better than a bulldozer can do


  • not suitable for large-scale earthmoving or transport of materials
  • dependent on dumper or bulldozer for delivery and distribution of material

Graders from Aertssen Trading

Aertssen Trading has been active in construction for more than 50 years and therefore has a great deal of knowledge of construction machinery. The graders offered for sale by Aertssen Trading are from reliable brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo and Hitachi.The range always includes the latest models, which have also been carefully maintained.So you know for sure that you are buying quality.


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