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Cranes and crane trucks

A crane is a metal tower with a horizontal boom or jib that is capable of lifting and moving goods by means of cables and pulleys. Often, a crane is a temporary construction that is assembled on a building site and attached to the ground. However, there are also mobile cranes on trucks (crane trucks) or even ships (crane ships).

Types of cranes

The type of crane depends on the type of construction project it is used for. Cranes come in all shapes and sizes. Some cranes are mobile and others are immobile. Moreover, some cranes are collapsible and can be used for several short - term projects, while others are specifically built as temporary structures for long - term projects

Tower crane

The most striking type of crane is undoubtedly the tower crane, which is also called a construction crane or a yard crane. Tower cranes are similar to hoisting cranes, but are a lot higher. They can be up to one hundred metres high and are able to lift a lot of weight. For the necessary stability, tower cranes musttherefore be attached to the ground. The tower crane has a hook which can move back and forth over the horizontal boom. They are often used in the construction or demolition of buildings with many floors.


The crane is similar to the tower crane, but is usually a lot smaller. The crane is also attached to the ground and has a horizontal boom which can be adjusted in height. On one side of this boom is a hook for hoisting goods and on the other side is a counterweight. This makes the crane capable of lifting heavy objects.This also makes the crane suitable for loading and unloading activities.

Telescopic crane

The telescopic crane is an example of a mobile crane. It is mounted on a lorry and can be transported by the same lorry, thanks to a mechanism for extending and retracting it. Some telescopic cranes, when fully extended, are up to eight times longer than the basic tube. A telescopic crane does not have a horizontal boom. Instead, the boom itself can be hinged up and down. The hook at the end of the mast can be used to lift goods.

Truck mounted crane

The truck-mounted crane is the most flexible crane. It can be mounted on a truck for loading and unloading that same truck. Because the crane has an extension mechanism and a jib, it can be completely folded up and transported with the truck load.

How cranes work

Large construction projects

Due to their height, cranes can be used for specific applications. Tower cranes are often used in construction projects with high buildings, like office buildings or hotels. Here, too, they can be used for demolition work. Telescopic cranes, because of their modest size and mobility, are suitable for short - term projects in construction or demolition.They also come in handy for rescue operations, for instance when a car or boat has to be lifted out of the water.

Loading and unloading

Cranes are also used in the transport sector. They are ideally suited for loading and unloading jobs, because they can lift or lower large and heavy objects. Depending on the size of the load, cranes, telescopic cranes or truck-mounted cranes are used.

Advantages and disadvantages of cranes


  • longer range through height than any other construction machine
  • able to lift a lot of weight (larger models)
  • very suitable for efficient loading and unloading (smaller models)


  • very sensitive to wind, which can blow them over in the worst case
  • not moveable during the work, so that goods can only be moved within the reach of the crane
  • mostly fixed to the ground and therefore only suitable for long-term projects

Cranes from Aertssen Trading

Aertssen Trading offers different types of cranes and crane trucks for sale. These machines are all from renowned and reliable brands, such as Liebherr, Terex, Grove and Manitowoc. As Aertssen Trading has been active on the market for more than fifty years, you are assured of a crane of high quality and functionality.Thus your investment provides a valuable contribution to each construction project.


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