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They are indispensable in logistics: delivery vans. From small vans to larger vans, there is a suitable transport vehicle for every type of load and every type of transport company. The advantage of delivery trucks is, moreover, that you do not need a special driving licence for them.Everyone with a standard B driving licence can drive a vehicle up to 3, 500 kg.

Van specifications

A van is an enclosed transport vehicle, suitable for the protected transport of small loads. The smaller variants are built on a modified passenger car chassis. The larger variants have a modular chassis. This allows for different lengths, heights and superstructures.Finally, between the delivery van and the truck is the box truck.This is a light truck with cabin and loading area on one chassis.

Work on vans

Vans and box trucks are excellent for transporting small or divisible loads. Since no special driving licence is required, vans can also be easily driven by anyone with a standard B licence. This makes them attractive transport vehicles for companies in the logistics and transport sector, but also far beyond.

Advantages and disadvantages of vans


  • ideal for the protected transport of small loads
  • easy to drive by anyone with a standard driving licence B
  • suitable for transport on all public roads


  • not suitable for large objects or very heavy loads

Trucks at Aertssen Trading

Does your company regularly transport small loads? Then you undoubtedly have a number of delivery vans or trucks, or you are considering purchasing such a vehicle. Aertssen Trading has many years of experience in logistics and therefore knows very well which type of vehicle suits you and your activities. The range consists of modern, well-maintained delivery vans of well-known brands such as Mercedes-Benz and MAN. Herewith you make the right investment for your company.


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